For the love of the Afrikaner culture.

We all have different reasons for coming to America. 

Some of us for the adventure or great opportunities, some because of …loadshedding, sigh. 
Some of us came for the sake of our kids, some came when we were kids. 

Everyone has a tale to tell of the journey that brought them to the other side of the earth.Whatever the reason may be, the truth is that while your feet may leave Africa, we will forever carry her in our hearts. 

It’s the very essence of our character. Our culture. It’s NP van Wyk Louw, Antjie Krog and Nelson Mandela. It’s Ubuntu, vellies, and a braai. Biltong and Koeksisters. Table Mountain and Soweto.

While I love America, I cherish our South African roots, culture, and community. I want to make a small contribution to keeping the spirit of Africa, and specifically Afrikaans, alive wherever I may go. I want my kids to know where they come from and be proud of that gift.

Is there anything that matches the feeling when you spot a random person wearing a cap that says Howzit, or an ONS GAAN NôU BRAAI t-shirt? What about the car behind you waving and honking because of your Springbokke bumper sticker? Imagine entertaining your SAFFA friends and out comes the BraaiMeester apron or Big 5 coasters. 

This is my goal with AfriDaisy. To remind my fellow South Africans of the lekkeness that is still within us.

Life can be dark on this emotional expat rollercoaster. Just be lekker, and if all else fails, start the ‘Goue Sokkie Treffers’ playlists and call a NOODBRAAI.

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